Trista here, and the day has finally come! Fellow designers, I’m sure that you hear us when we say how incredibly hard it is to work on your own brand when you have amazing clients to be doing work for. Well, after months and months we can finally say that our website is live, and although it may be sparse, we cannot wait to fill it up in the months to come.

Over 5 years ago Carrie and I started working together at a local agency. We hit it off immediately and even though we are so very different our work styles, personalities and even our design aesthetic just clicked instantly. In the past years since we’ve been lucky to continue to work together at another agency as well. As a lot of designers do, we continued to do freelance work on the side, myself more-so in branding, wedding stationery, basically anything that I could put a “pretty and professional” stamp on, while Carrie focused more on web development and design, where her true passion grew. Eventually, after leaning on each other time and time again to help with projects, we decided that working was something we were just so damn good at that we may as well make it official.

Chickadee Design Studio was born mid-2015. The exact date I don’t have because it came up at various times before we bit the bullet. Our name, while cute and fun, is a play off of both of us maiden names, “Cardinal” and “Friesen”. Okay, I thought, so “freezing bird”, which because “Chilly bird”, which became, “Hmm.. maybe I should look up a list of birds that live in cold conditions”, which is where we found Chickadee. Yes, a bit of a stretch, but the name fit so well that it just stuck with us. I put together our logo soon after and I was wildly excited that Carrie agreed with me on the colours in particular. Look, if you know me, you’ll know that I love colour. It doesn’t need to bright, bold, in your face colour all the time (I do love pastels as well, don’t get me wrong). I just feel that people are scared of colour while I embrace it.

We both want to thank everyone who has helped us along the way with their love and support. Our amazing families, our great clients and contacts, and a special shout-out to Chantelle Dione Photography for supplying our headshots and images. We look forward to building many, many beautiful brands and websites in the future and cannot wait to share them with you.

-Trista & Carrie



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