Who has heard of the wildly popular Lularoe brand? Well, we have a treat for you today! A friend of mine in the USA is a high level seller of this fun clothing line and she came to me looking for a spunky brand for her team of sellers. Her team name “Blame the Unicorn” plays off of one of the fun aspects of the brand, the fact that each print only has 1000 or so pieces made with it, so when you see something you like (a “unicorn”) you snatch it before someone else does as it’s one of a kind.

Lularoe already has an amazingly gorgeous colour pallet (you know how I love my colours), so we took that as our inspiration. I illustrated the unicorn from scratch, making sure it was the perfect mix of “sugar and spice” and also created a variety of Facebook headers and images for her as well as logo alternates. Check out some of this adorable brand below.

And if you’re interested in checking out some of their pieces, you can view Christina’s VIP Facebook group here.


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