When your clientele is purely women you’re not only allowed to be girlie, we encourage it. Crystal came to us looking for a bold and exciting feminine brand. She wanted her logo and web/print materials to stand out while still being 100% girl power. From the beginning her heart was set on a combo of gold, hot pink and black and that was the inspiration from the get go. Paired with a bold and fun brush script font and imagery of floral taken from a wallpaper she adores we put together her powerful and pretty logo.


When it came time to envision the print materials for Flourish Into You, we knew we needed the gold to shine through. Using painted gold stripes as an accent printed with metallic gold ink, peppered with hints of the hot pink we created fun, yet still professional stationery she can be proud to hand out.

Flourish Into You Brand


This website was an absolute blast to work on. Using a black, gold and pink colour scheme was a bit different than what we are used to but we were so excited once the design started coming together. We were able to keep her feminine look while addressing all the areas that were important to her business. We are so extremely happy with the outcome of this design.

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