We are so happy to share a new brand and website design with you! Cindy, from Kitz and Canine reached out to us wanting a major refresh to her brand and website. Although she was fine with her current look she never thought it was truly “her” as it was all done in a rush when you started up her business (can anyone else relate?).

After our first meeting we were so excited to get started and knew we were going to have a blast! Cindy was open to unique colours, textures and a playful design that embraced all those happy thoughts that come to mind when we think of our canine companions. We are so pleased with the end result and hope you enjoy this as much as we do.


We are always thrilled when we get to design something out of the ordinary. From our initial meeting we all agreed that out of the box, fun, friendly and spunky were all things that would appeal to Kitz & Canine’s clientele.

Kitz & Canine is part of a new wave of positive reinforcement trainers who are showing the world that discipline is not the correct way to train our loyal pooches and instead focusing on their positive behaviour will yield us the results we want.

SO, with that in mind, we went full forward with that same mentality. We chose bright, playful colours and fonts that made us smile. We kept the feeling light, while still maintaining it as a professional.

As for corresponding textures and patterns to help further define the brand, Cindy was very inspired by natural textures with a bit of a twist. Because of this we choose white wood, as it also played really nice with the bright colours in her brand.


Once the logo and branding were put together, we were able to start on the design of the website. We got to incorporate some nice colours along with the wood texture that was used with her business cards. We wanted to keep the site simple and easy to navigate without having too much “white space”. Having some great photos of Cindy and her dogs definitely helped pull all the design together on this site.

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