If you’re looking at updating your brand or having print material done, Trista is your girl!

Educated in graphic design at Red River College, Trista’s passion for design lies in thinking outside of the box to create original creative solutions. She thinks design can be both fun and friendly while still maintaining professionalism and polish, and that’s the balance she is constantly working towards.

Trista loves working with clients, seeing their vision and adding her own personal touch.In addition to design Trista loves painting, fashion and spending time with her family – her husband, Kai, rambunctious 2 year old son, Tate, 90 lbs lap dog, Finn and her 3 spry senior kitties, Luna, Tico and Zephyr.


Ready to get your brand launched into the digital world, Carrie is your girl!

Carrie received a college degree at Herzing College, for Web and Print Production Artist. Having skills in both web and graphic design, Carrie decided to expand her knowledge in the website side of things after graduating. She took additional online courses to further develop her web development skills as well as earning certifications for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). She is always eager to stay up-to-date with the latest technology and loves passing that knowledge onto her clients.

In addition to web design, Carrie loves to work on DIY projects around the house, adding new additions to her ever expanding closet, taking in the occasional foster dog and spending time with her family – her husband, Brendin, her wild rescue dog, Bowser, her adorable 2 year old niece, Abby and her newborn baby niece, Scarlett.

A big thank you to Chantelle Dione Photography for taking such great photos of us!